Baby Wraps – what they are and how they are used

May 9, 2018

What is a wrap, and at what age do I need to wrap my baby?

A wrap is a piece of fabric which is mostly used to hold a baby’s arms and legs in place before settling them down to sleep.

Wrapping a baby before sleeping is generally recommended by child health professionals from birth until about four months of age, or until they can roll onto their tummy.

Why wrap your baby?

Wrapping your baby keeps them lying on their back while sleeping. This reduces the risk of SUDI (Sudden Unexplained Death in Infancy – SIDS, and other fatal sleeping accidents).

Loosely wrapping the legs can also help prevent Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH). This is especially important during the first three months of life. Note there can be other causes of DDH, and we recommend you consult your child health professional for advice on this point.

Babies will usually begin to watch their hands moving (also called “hand regard”) by around four months of age. Prior to this time their movements of hands and arms will be involuntary, and can be sudden and jerky. Preventing these involuntary jerky movements with a wrap while they drift off to sleep is recommended to reduce the chance of injury.

A final important reason to wrap your baby during their first few months – it can help them feel secure and relaxed when put down to sleep.

Wrapping Techniques

There are a few recommended ways to wrap your baby. Common to all methods is covering and holding the arms securely, while allowing some movement of the legs. See the links below for more information about wrapping your baby.

Áine & Molly Wraps

We only make our wraps from 100% cotton fabric, either double gauze or flannel. Both fabrics are luxurious and soft, and are not harsh on the skin like some muslin fabrics can be.

We overlock and hem the edges of our double gauze and flannel wraps with 100% cotton thread for strength and durability, just to be sure. Our wraps can stand frequent washing, and they will still be lovely and soft to touch.


Our wraps are a generous size which allows them to have other uses, such as a sheet for the bassinet or cot, a light cover for the pram, or as a floor mat to play on.

Please visit our Shop page to see the current range of wraps we have in stock.


Useful Links

See the following links for useful information about wrapping techniques, and reasons for wrapping your baby:

Raising Children Network

Royal Children’s Hospital  –  explains wrapping to prevent DDH


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